Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Planning Work Program deals with those work elements of the Merced County Association of Governments (MCAG) operation not directly related to transportation, although transportation may be involved in each of the Comprehensive Planning Work Elements.


MCAG has responsibilities in addition to transportation planning related designations. These include:
  • Provides administrative staff services to the Solid Waste Advisory Board
  • Implementing the source reduction and recycling
  • Public Education and information
  • Program for the SWAB
  • Providing planning assistance to member jurisdictions
  • Providing information services as the State Census Affiliate Data Center
  • Providing a coordinating structure for programs jointly sponsored by MCAG member governments
  • Providing administrative services as the E.O. 12372 Clearinghouse (Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs), and providing community planning services to MCAG member governments

Overall Work Program

The Merced County Association of Governments (MCAG) was formed through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) signed by member jurisdictions on November 28, 1967. They renewed for a term of five years commencing on November 28, 1977, November 28, 1982, and on November 28, 1987. They renewed for a term of 10 years in 1997 and again in 2007. The MCAG Governing Board also serves as the Board of Directors for Merced County Regional Waste Management Agency (MCRWMA) renewed in 2007 and the Transit Joint Powers for Merced County, renewed in 2010.

Governing Board

The 11-member MCAG governing board includes a supervisor from each of the five county districts and an elected official from each of the six incorporated cities located within the political boundary of Merced County, California. Member jurisdictions include:


The Overall Budget and Work Program is a product of a cooperative effort of the MCAG Technical Planning Committee for Regional Transportation Planning (TPC), composed of local governmental technical staff members, the Citizens' Advisory Committee for Regional Transportation Planning (CAC), composed of citizens appointed by the MCAG Governing Board, the MCAG Technical Review Board (TRB), composed of the chief administrative officers of all local governments within Merced County, the MCAG Executive Committee, and the MCAG Board.

Citizen Participation

MCAG actively seeks public opinion on work programs and projects at all stages of the development process, and verifies that process with technical advisory meetings, and attendance at member entity council and subcommittee meetings. The purpose of MCAG’s citizen participation program is to ensure that the transportation planning process involves the general public and includes the traditionally underrepresented i.e. Black, Hispanic, Asian American, American Indian / Alaskan Native, and Pacific Islander.

MCAG has an active Citizens Advisory Committee to provide a forum for citizen input into programs and projects of MCAG, as well as a Social Services Transportation Advisory Council as required by SB 498 (Greene). MCAG also brings transportation issues to MCAG Board meetings, encouraging comments from the entire MCAG governing body. Verification of public input and MCAG policy option recommendations are carried out by the MCAG Technical Review Board (composed of city managers and county executive officer) and the Technical Planning Committee (composed of public works and planning staff).

In response to SAFETEA-LU regulation, the MCAG Governing Board approved new guidelines for MCAG’s citizen participation process. The participation strategy provides guidance for transportation planning and programming activities conducted by MCAG.