YARTS Management Activities

In 2016, over 5 million visitors made the trek to Yosemite National Park. Transportation demand for travel to and from the park is tremendous during peak periods. In order to plan better public transportation, several of the counties that serve as access points to the park have individually studied transit systems. However, recognizing the importance of working together and pooling resources, these counties have created a means by which they can more closely coordinate transit activities.

YARTS- Yosemite

Today, YARTS provides an alternative method of traveling to Yosemite for visitors, including commute options for Yosemite National Park employees and for Mariposa County residents traveling to Merced, or beyond, for work, college, or other personal destinations such as shopping entertainment and medical visits.

This work element provides funding for the planning, management, marketing, and administrative services provided by MCAG to the YARTS Joint Powers Authority (PDF).