GIS Maintenance

A major change to this element this year is the transition of maintenance responsibilities of the parcel layer to the Merced County Assessor’s Office. New work flows will have to be developed and implemented to ensure a smooth transition to the new version of the parcel layer into existing map documents, procedures and routines.

MCAG will continue to develop and maintain all of the other GIS base map and planning layers. Staff will continue to build on the countywide address point file, by working with local planning departments to integrate addresses as they are assigned. Available utility billing data can be used as a source to frequently validate addresses.

Gis Conversion

With the conversion of the traffic model to a GIS-based system, additional work will be done to update and code the road centerline file with network link data. This includes updating the number of lanes, speeds, and functional classification for each of the network links.

Overpasses, underpasses, and one way streets will need to be created in the links to simulate proper flow of traffic. Intersections will be generated and coded with turn lanes and impedance throughout the county. Updating this information is essential to the traffic model. This type of information can also be used in a variety of ways, including emergency response, routing, accident reporting, and other network analysis. We will also be taking the work from the Pedestrian Access Plan and creating a walkability network.

To find out more information, visit the MCAGGIS website.