Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP)

Every two years, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) adopts a new Fund Estimate, which comprises of anticipated Federal and State revenues for the next five years. This adopted Fund Estimate includes County Shares, referred to as Regional Improvement Program (RIP) monies, which could be used by Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA's) to propose the financing of regional transportation projects in their Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) documents. RTPA's are required to submit their adopted RTIP's to the CTC by December 15th for programming consideration and possible inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Only projects programmed in the STIP may request funding allocations for implementation.

Being the designated RTPA for the Merced Region, MCAG is responsible for preparing and submitting the adopted RTIP proposal to the CTC.

Public Participation Process

To kick off the RTIP development process, staff prepares the RTIP concept report for circulation to the MCAG committees and board. The RTIP concept report addresses the background, process, draft Fund Estimate (expected County Share / region’s programming capacity), possible projects (status and costs), and schedule of milestones. The RTIP concept report answers the following questions:

  • What is the RTIP?
  • What is the RTIP Fund Estimate?
  • What are the initial funding possibilities?
  • What is the schedule for developing (and for submitting) the RTIP?
  • What is the schedule for the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)?

A RTIP development flowchart is also updated and is included with the concept report to visually depict the process for better understanding.

The next step includes further, detailed discussion of the projects and of viable programming options to present to the committees and the Board. This process also includes discussions of possible support and coordination with Caltrans and with other valley RTPA’s. Once a programming option has been selected for proposed RIP funding, staff prepares the draft RTIP document, which gets released for public review and comments. A public hearing will also be scheduled to receive public comments. Staff will review the submitted comments and respond as appropriate.

Development Schedule



Draft 2016 RTIP – Public Comment Period

September 25 – October 26, 2015

Draft 2016 RTIP – Public Hearing

October 15, 2015

Final 2016 RTIP – For Board Adoption

November 19, 2015

Submittal of Adopted 2016 RTIP to CTC

Prior to December 15, 2015

CTC STIP Hearings – North & South

January 21 & January 26, 2016

CTC Publishes Staff Recommendations       

February 19, 2016

CTC Adopts 2016 STIP

March 16-17, 2016

Proposal for Programming

Per the STIP Guidelines, the 2016 Fund Estimate indicates that the STIP is already fully programmed for the entire five years of the 2016 STIP.  This is due primarily to the decrease in the price-based, excise tax. Projects currently programmed in the STIP will need to be reprogrammed into later years. The CTC will not be providing regional shares for the 2016 STIP.

Even though the Merced Region has $19,121,000 of unprogrammed County Share (RIP) balance, the CTC will not approve any new project programming, even with carryover balances. However, in the prior 2014 STIP, our region has Planning, Programming, and Monitoring (PPM) funds programmed: $250,000 in FY 2016/17, and $393,000 in FY 2017/18. In this 2016 RTIP, MCAG proposes that the previously-programmed (2014 STIP) PPM funds be carried over to the new 2016 STIP.