Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) specifies the policies, projects, and programs necessary over a 20-25 year period to maintain, manage, and improve the region’s transportation systems.  The Plan is updated every three years to:

  • Provide a comprehensive long-range view of transportation needs and opportunities for Merced County.
  • Establish goals and objectives for the future transportation system
  • Identify the actions necessary to achieve outlined goals; and
  • Describe a funding strategy and options for implementing the actions

The RTP’s scope is Regional: The issues transcend the boundaries of local jurisdictions.

The RTP concerns Transportation: The movement of people and goods, for purposes such as working, shopping, school, or recreation, and by means of autos, trucks, buses, trains, planes, bicycles, or walking.


The RTP is a Plan: It identifies problems and proposes solutions. It is long-term, looking more than twenty years into the future. It must balance priorities with expected funding.

For more information about the current Regional Transportation Plan and future updates, please use the links below.

2018 RTP - in progress

2014 RTP - adopted