Highway 59 Landfill Valley Fill Project

The Merced County Regional Waste Management Authority (RWA) is currently pursuing an expansion project at the Highway 59 landfill which will add several years of life to the facility and save RWA and local jurisdictions millions of dollars.

The Valley Fill project is an innovative approach to increasing the disposal capacity of the landfill in a way that is economically and environmentally superior to excavating the next planned phase. The Valley Fill plan proposes to utilize the “valley” between the two former sites that flank the old entrance and scale house. By using the valley between the two former sites as the next landfill phase, the operational life of the Highway 59 facility would be extended by 15 years, and at half the cost of excavating and developing the next planned phase.

The Valley Fill project will:

  • Extend the life of the landfill by approximately 15 years and design capacity by 6,857,000 cubic yards (19%) without expanding the facility boundary;
  • Avoid the excavation of 2,468,000 cubic yards of soils which reduces near-term air emissions (dust and diesel emissions) by 98%;
  • Realize substantial near-term savings (the cost of Valley Fill Project is $6,000,000 or 30% less expensive than previously planned expansions);
  • Ensure the availability of solid waste disposal capacity in Merced County and accommodates for regional growth for the foreseeable future; and
  • Incrementally increase the facility’s permitted peaks in daily traffic (800 vehicles/day) and tonnage (3,000 tons/day) through 2035 and beyond.
Valley Fill aerial graphic
valley fill graphic