MCAG plays a key role in the State’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) process. Every eight years, the State of Calfornia’s Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) provides MCAG with a regional determination, which represents the number of units the region must plan for across four income categories. MCAG is responsible for developing a methodology for allocating these units by income category to each city and the County of Merced. Once jurisdictions have their RHNA, they must adopt a Housing Element that demonstrates how they can accommodate their RHNA in their zoning. Go to MCAG’s RHNA webpage.


The Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) program is a state of California funded grant program designed to accelerate progress towards achieving state housing goals and climate commitments through a strengthened partnership between the state, its regions and local governments. More specifically, the program objectives are to spur infill development, increase housing for all incomes, reduce vehicle miles traveled, and affirmatively further fair housing in ways that accelerate the implementation of adopted regional and local plans to achieve those goals. For more information on how MCAG is utilizing these funds in Merced County. Go to MCAG’s REAP webpage