2022 RTP

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) / Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) is a long range planning document that provides the framework for investments in roads, freeways, public transit, bikeways and other ways people move around our County for the next 25 years. It also helps us comply with State-mandated efforts to reduce greenhouse gases (SB375). The plan is accompanied by environmental and air quality documentation.

Plan and Documents

2022 RTP Amendment 1 / 2023 FTIP Amendment 3


Public Hearing Presentation

Final EIR: Certified August 18,2022


The Regional Transportation Plan Advisory Committee was formed in January of 2022 to serve as an advisory body, working with MCAG staff to review information and provide recommendations to MCAG standing committees during the development of the 2022 RTP.

Advisory Committee Structure and Purpose

The Advisory Committee is composed of community leaders and stakeholders with diverse public and private backgrounds. Members have knowledge and experience in many fields that affect and are affected by the regional transportation system.

As the principal advisory group for the planning process, the Committee’s input and recommendations will be vital to the success of the update to the legally-mandated long-range transportation plan that integrates combined land use and transportation strategies, impacts to the environment, and regional housing needs of residents at all income levels. While the Advisory Committee will provide comments and input on a variety of issues important to development of the 2022 RTP/SCS, the final decisions on the RTP/SCS will be the responsibility of the MCAG Governing Board.

Advisory Committee Responsibilities

Advisory Committee responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend all Advisory Committee Meetings, which will be conducted remotely. Since the timeframe for the RTP/SCS adoption is short, regular attendance will be vital for staying current with the development of the plan.
  • Review products, documents and presentations developed by the Project Team (MCAG staff and its consultants). These products will cover topics such as transportation needs by mode, existing funding by mode, potential projects and project eligibility requirements, performance measures, and implementing guidelines.
  • Review alternative land use and transportation plans for potential inclusion the RTP/SCS.
  • Review current and potential RTP/SCS funding alternatives and elements.
  • Understand transportation needs and challenges by mode, particularly as they relate to the Merced County region.
  • Provide information and feedback to other RTP/SCS stakeholders.
  • Review and provide comments on the Draft and Final RTP/SCS.
  • Recommend approval of the Final RTP/SCS to the MCAG Governing Board.

Meeting Schedule

MeetingAgenda & MaterialsNotes
February 1, 2022 4 PM Via ZoomPresentation
March 15, 2022 3 PM Via Zoom Agenda     MinutesPresentation
April 15th 2022 Via ZoomAgenda     MinutesPresentation
April 29th 2022 Via ZoomAgendaPresentation



March 8th, 2022 6 PM
Via Zoom
April 26, 2022 6 - 7:30 PMMCAG Office 369 W. 18 St. Merced
or via Zoom
Flyer for Workshop

Regional Transportation Plan Advisory Committee
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Jean Okuye

Previous Plans

The 2018 RTP was adopted on August 2018.