What is Valley Visions?
Valley Visions is a series of planning efforts underway throughout the San Joaquin Valley.
It takes a big-picture look at how the Central Valley can grow over time in a way that uses resources efficiently, protects existing communities, conserves farmland and open space, and supports the Central Valley economy. Planning in advance for growth can result in better neighborhoods, more housing and transportation choices, and a higher quality of life for residents.

The regional plans consider long-term housing, transportation and land use needs. Each region in California, including the eight counties of the Central Valley, is required to complete a long-term plan under Senate Bill 375 (SB 375). The eight counties of the San Joaquin Valley are coordinating on some aspects of these planning efforts to maximize resources, however each Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is developing a separate plan.

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1. What is Valley Visions?
2. Why are we doing this?
3. What will these plans do?
4. How does this relate to the Blueprint Planning Process?
5. Who will prepare the Valley Vision plans and when?
6. How can we talk about growth in this economy? What about jobs?
7. What does it mean to coordinate land use and transportation plans?