Why are we doing this?
There are laws that require these regional plans, but this is also an opportunity to think about how we want our region to grow and evolve over the next several years in a way that meets our needs and matches our values.

MPOs are agencies that set transportation policy and priorities for a region, outlining how transportation funds will be spent.

There are 18 MPOs in California, including 8 in the San Joaquin Valley. Each is required by state and federal laws to develop a long-range plan to guide transportation investment in the region. These Regional Transportation Plans are updated every four years to reflect current population, employment and travel projections as well as changes in local plans and regional transportation priorities.

A new requirement, added by SB 375, asks planners to also consider how land use and transportation planning can be coordinated to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means planning for housing, jobs and services to be located in a way that helps reduce the amount we travel day-to-day in our cars and trucks.

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1. What is Valley Visions?
2. Why are we doing this?
3. What will these plans do?
4. How does this relate to the Blueprint Planning Process?
5. Who will prepare the Valley Vision plans and when?
6. How can we talk about growth in this economy? What about jobs?
7. What does it mean to coordinate land use and transportation plans?